1. internationale Wilkie-Treffen 2015
"steriler" Arbeitsplatz in Kenia
Familienbesuch bei Kanze
in der Schulküche
auf der Farm in Kenia
Rumänien 2016
Spiel und Spaß
Alltag mit dem Infusionsrucksack

Our Whatsapp group is growing. We are now 17 members from 4 different European countries. The exchange is very important. We can support, encourage and advise each other. I am very pleased with this modern technology. So good it is to have an exchange of messages and to show the feelings with the help of icons, a personal interview cannot be replaced. Particularly desperate patients I offer a telephone call. And it is whatsapp again that allows me a telephone conversation with England or Switzerland. Making calls is good, but can not replaced by a meeting face to face. So the request was for an international meeting. Unfortunately, a scheduling for people who are not doing well and coming from so many directions is not easy. For me, a meeting is also connected to a long journey, because the most of our members are at home in Germany. I combine the meeting and the journey naturally with an appointment with Prof. Sandmann.