Understandably, rare compression syndromes in the abdomen are very rare. It is not possible to offer regular meetings. Thanks to the modern media such as Internet and telephone, it is still possible to exchange views and to carry out consultations. We receive inquiries from the entire German-speaking area, as well as from non-European countries and exchange experience up to the U.S.A.

competent doctors:


Prim. PD Dr. med. Afshin Assadian, Head of Vascular Surgery at Wilhelminenspital in Vienna

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ludwig Kramer, Head of the 1st Medical Department in the Hietzing Hospital in Vienna


Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholbach, special color Doppler ultrasound diagnostics in Leipzig

Prof. Wilhelm Sandmann, Clinic Bel Etage, Düsseldorf
research in the field of rare vascular compression in the abdomen and the significance of hypermobility-related disorders


The National Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases (NUSCH), Bratislava 


Contact person for all compression syndromes:

Angela Mair, Austria

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +43 699 11741375

SHG rare vascular disease

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