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Rumänien 2016
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Spiel und Spaß

Recently I could compare notes with Prof. Sandmann in St. Elizabeth hospital in Volkmarsen on his research about SMAS-syndrome. His interdisciplinary work does not have any concrete results, but very good approaches. It is widely assumed that at least in a subset of patients, the reduced angle of departure is a result of weight loss. This in turn is caused by the problems in food intake. One suspects that this could be an undiagnosed congenital (nervous?)disease in the intestine.

Many doctors are unfortunately convinced that our complaints are "only" psychosomatic complaints  and negate the Wilkie's syndrome. Perhaps this may be true on one or the other patients, but the majority only gets psychological problems because they are not taken seriously. A psychological support may lead to an improvement in the mental state. Many patients feel even a personal ordeal. If it is a good psychologist, he will encourage patients - if necessary -  not to give up the search for the physical cause of the complaints.