Zuhura, a little girl, I have found it with bad jigger infestation in nursery school. Jiggers are sand fleas that lay eggs under the skin. The maggots eat their way into the flesh, causing deep wounds and infections. I went to the "hospital" in the town with the girls. When I saw the growing crowd of sick children at school and in their families, a thought not let go of me: I want to do something. My illness finally itself tied me to the bed. I had time to think and exchange with locals. A vision arised: a health center. I still kept everything for me and put it God. A sermon encouraged me to talk about. That the managers of the school already have this desire since a long time, I did not know. Obviously God was waiting for me. And he has used my illness to let this vision mature in me.

      Zuhuras foot

"God can also make something good from stones which are placed on your way."