What's behind the scenes,

which often do not want to know the people.

I would like today give an insight,

in the behind-the-scenes life.


In everyday life, I have to be on stage

and am seen by many people.

"You look good! Are you okay?

I see your strength and your courage! "

Dear people, if you would know,

what is behind the scenes!


To bundle energy I'm good,

sees every woman and every man.

What they do not see is the time,

in which even difficult to walk.

when I'm so tired and exhausted,

that sometimes I fall down.


But that's behind the scenes

and do not know the people,

I am having a few hundred calories a day

not enough of energy for the stage.

And three quarters of a liter in the sun

brings the body not in delight.


The do not know the people,

because that's all behind the scenes,

that now and then I simply can not be on stage.

The fact that I for days'm gone,

and most of the time in bed.


But that's behind the scenes,

and do not know the people.

If I jazz me up with artificial nutrition

with glucose, carbohydrates and fat,

and the body enough liquid has

with an infusion of Ringer's lactate.


You look great. I see it in you!

What know the women, what the man?

What is behind the scenes?

I think they would not like to know.